What Reserved Instance upfront payment options are available with ProsperOps?

AWS offers three Reserved Instance payment options for purchases: all upfront, partial upfront, and no upfront. ProsperOps supports all three options, although we make RI purchases as no upfront by default, meaning you have no out of pocket charge at the time of the purchase, only a term commitment. 

If you have a preference for either partial or all upfront RIs (we wrote a blog on this here), you can specify that and establish a quarterly capital budget. This represents the amount of dollars available each quarter for ProsperOps to deploy to increase your RI savings. We deploy it opportunistically meaning we only use it if there are incremental opportunities to improve savings. If there isn’t enough capital available to cover all commitments, we use no upfront RIs and then upgrade them the following quarter when the capital budget cycle refreshes. We can work with you if you already have a budget defined or help make a recommendation based on your specific environment.