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What are the settings to configure?

Our customers control 5 primary settings and our algorithms work inside of those constraints to maximize savings and minimize risk. The variables are:

  • Base Spend Coverage Target - The dollar amount of commitment you are ultimately comfortable making with full-term Compute Savings Plans. Generally, customers select a dollar amount of commitment that is between 40% - 70% of their overall compute usage, depending on what future risk they are trying to manage (i.e., volatility, increasing usage from growth, decreasing usage from optimization, churn from AWS, etc.). We would eventually converge your existing commitment to the dollar amount you specify with Compute Savings Plans. Any usage above that Base Commitment amount would be addressed with a very flexible layer of Convertible RIs that can track usage changes dynamically (which a fixed Savings Plan commitment cannot). 
  • Base Allocation - The target distribution of the Base Commitment Amount across 1 and/or 3 year Compute Savings Plans.  
  • Base Prepayment Preference - The use of No Upfront, Partial Upfront, and/or All Upfront pre-payment models for new Compute Savings Plans our service deploys. In places where you use All or Partial Upfront, we would manage a quarterly prepay budget that you control. Our algorithm honors the prepay budget limit.     
  • Compute Shrink Allowance Target - The percentage of usage decline that you want our Flex commitment layer of Convertible RIs to be able to absorb at any time and still remain 100% utilized. The Compute Shrink Allowance ends up being related to the Base commitment (our recommended default is 50% Base commitment on usage and 30% Compute Shrink Allowance on usage).    
  • Flex Prepayment Preference - The use of No Upfront, Partial Upfront, or All Upfront pre-payment models for new Convertible RIs deployed by our service. 

There are a handful of additional advanced settings that we review with customers as applicable. In summary, our system is very simple to configure and requires no ongoing administration (apart from periodic adjustments).