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Using the AWS Console to configure ProsperOps access

This article assumes you are configuring ProsperOps access for a Savings Analysis.

  • Open a new browser tab, navigate to the AWS Console, and log in to the Management Account.
  • Return to the ProsperOps Console and click the Create IAM Role button.

  • You will be taken to the Create IAM Role page in the AWS Console with various ProsperOps non-permission role details (e.g. role name, entity type, account ID, external ID) pre-populated. Click Next
  • We're going to add an Inline policy after we create the role, so just click Next.
  • No tags are required although you may enter tags if you choose. Click Next.
  • Enter the following Role description: 
Used by ProsperOps - www.prosperops.com. Must remain in place for ProsperOps to function correctly. Email help@prosperops.com for assistance.
  • Click Create role.
  • Click on the newly created ProsperOps role to open the Role Summary screen then click on Add inline policy.
  • Return to the ProsperOps Console and click the copy icon in the upper right corner of the policy window to copy the IAM policy to your clipboard.

  • Return to the AWS Console. Select the JSON tab, paste the IAM policy into the editor, then click Review policy
  • Enter the following policy Name:
  • Click Create policy.
  • A ProsperOps IAM role has now been created with the necessary least privilege policy permissions.
  • Return to the ProsperOps Console and click Validate Access.

  • Once access is validated, you are ready for a Savings Analysis!