How does ProsperOps work when migrating AWS Organizations?

If you are migrating between AWS Organizations (e.g. consolidating Organizations, migrating to AWS Control Tower, etc.), ProsperOps can help you transition discount instruments into your new Organization whether you are an existing or prospective customer.

Discounts almost always move with the account in which they reside.  If there are existing discount instruments inside of your current management account (AKA payer), they will need to be moved last after all of the member accounts have been moved out. The commitments will be moved under the new management account as a member account. A quick cutover is the best way to do this, with a majority of your spend moving at the same time as the commitments move over. ProsperOps will walk you through the process so you’re clear on what actions to take. 

Here are a few best practices we’ve identified working with customers that have gone through this transition:

  • Coordination is key   Move usage at the same time as commitments. A quick move is generally the easiest path versus a drawn out transition which takes more coordination.
  • Common External IDs for IAM  Typically, ProsperOps uses unique identifiers for customers. If you’re moving to a new management account, ProsperOps would setup the account to have the same external ID for each org (both old and new). This enables our platform to immediately execute without needing to re-issue the IAM roles on the new organization when it becomes active. 
  • Historical Billing Data  Your historical billing data is erased when you move from one org to a new one, so if you are a prospective customer, ProsperOps would suggest preparing a Compute Savings Analysis ahead of the move to better understand the historical usage patterns and savings opportunity.
  • Timeline  The specific steps to execute will depend on your transition timeline. ProsperOps will work with you to coordinate activities, regardless of how you plan to move forward.