How does ProsperOps bill?

The ProsperOps pricing model is different than most SaaS products and is directly tied to AWS savings generated (versus AWS spend):

  • Organic usage growth notwithstanding, your cloud budget will grow from a lower AWS bill.
  • In addition, the savings generated from the AWS bill pays the ProsperOps charge.
  • With a term commitment, ProsperOps offers tiered pricing that delivers scalable economics as your savings increase.

The ProsperOps charge is called the Savings Share and its a function of savings calculated in dollars, driven by the rates applied against both Flex Savings and Base Savings.

  • Flex Savings are the monthly savings generated from a Flex Boost Service Standard Reserved Instance and/or Convertible Reserved Instance that ProsperOps has purchased or optimized as part of the Services.
  • Base Savings are the monthly savings generated from all other compute savings instruments (e.g., Savings Plans, inherited or customer-procured Standard Reserved Instances, Convertible Reserved Instances which ProsperOps has not optimized).