Does ProsperOps support Standard RIs?

Yes. ProsperOps manages both inherited Standard Reserved Instances and Flex Boost Reserved Instances for our compute product. To become eligible for ProsperOps to manage Standard Reserved Instances, you must register as a seller on the RI marketplace (a one-time step), you’ll need to log into the AWS Console as root on accounts where Standard RIs reside and follow this link to the RI Marketplace Seller Registration Page.

Please note, even though AWS requires you to configure a bank account, provide tax information, etc., practically speaking, for the Flex Boost service there will be no payment transfer or tax implications because all Flex Boost Standard RIs are No Upfront. We list all No Upfront RIs for $0 (few people will pay an upfront fee for a No Upfront RI) and are just looking for someone to assume the commitment from you. The benefit to them is a short-term commit that delivers the full No Upfront Standard RI discount. We generally have good success selling unutilized Standards (we have a few tricks that help them sell) and recommend registering.