Does ProsperOps support Standard Reserved Instances?

Once enabled, ProsperOps assumes management of all existing RIs, including Standard RIs. We always seek to optimize your RI discount, however Standard RIs lack the flexibility of Convertible RIs so the modifications we can make are limited. All new RI commitments are made using Convertible RIs, which provide substantial savings with the flexibility to ensure your RI discounts are realized as your EC2 needs change. 

If underperforming Standard RIs exist, with your approval, ProsperOps will sell them on the AWS RI Marketplace. At no cost to you, we’ll modify, price, and list them for you and when they sell, we’ll replace that RI spend coverage with Convertible RIs. You’ll move from unutilized RIs which are a drag on savings to highly utilized and flexible RIs which increase your savings.